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Hi guys! My name is Alexandra (but most people call me Alex), I am 13 years old, and I live in New York City! (You can find my full about me here)


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➹ Hi! I’m Léna but most of you know me as Freshyze (my previous url) or Sorbaie (my current one)! Summer is coming and so are cocktails (and mocktails)! So I thought my first faves page should be a cocktail themed one! They are so colourful, refreshing and delicious!
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I edited the banner but ” SORBAIE ” was made by chlorist and ” ‘S COCKTAILS ” by surf-coastal
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The page is here
There will be 20 cocktails including me (so I’ll choose 19 blogs)
Any blogstyle is accepted
The badge code is in the bubble tab of the cocktails page
For any other information, message me!

☼ Have a great day! xx -Léna ☼
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so since it’s finally spring time (asdfghjkl), and to celebrate the turning of season i decided to make a SPRING NETWORK! hope you enjoy &lt;3

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P E R K S&#160;:

♛ a spot on the page ( h e r e )
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♛ we can be bffs 

H I G H E R C H A N C E&#160;:

♛ reblog more, more, more!
♛ tag a post with #wohw &amp; #springnetwork
♛ talk to me x 

O T H E R&#160;:

♛ picking 12 blogs 
♛  stunning banner made by t h i s stunning girl
♛ good luck &amp; get reblogging xo
picking on the 1st of May (date may be changed)
- millie xo

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